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News and Updates

01/12/2017 New editions of Jessica's French Inhale available again

01/11/2017 New editions of Jessica Sees Red available again

15/10/2017 New mini-comic The Chaos Monsters Book One released

01/10/2017 New editions of Jessica Vs Megapotamus available again

15/09/2017 Now available World's Best at Everything pin-back button

07/09/2017 Updated postal charges. Orders within NZ are now cheaper.

01/09/2017 New editions of Jessica in Paradise available again

16/08/2017 Now available Jessica and the Jawbreakers pin-back buttons

23/07/2017 New editions of Jessica's Rival available again

22/07/2017 English editions of Princess Seppuku in the Lower Depths have turned up and are available to purchase